Campaign for The Maurice Stephens House

Valley Forge National Historical Park attracted 2.2 million visitors in 2020, despite the pandemic. Hundreds of millions of Americans know Washington’s ragtag army endured unbearable suffering here, only to rally and go on to win independence for our fledgling country. It’s part of our identity as Americans.

As eager visitors return to the Park in even greater numbers, they’ll want meaningful experiences that will deepen their understanding of Valley Forge. They’ll need a break along the 10-mile encampment route, a place to pause, rest, and refresh themselves before exploring more of this iconic Park.

Valley Forge Park Alliance Headquarters and Cafe on the Grand Parade.


The Alliance’s current home is a failing structure far from visitor trails and historic sites. Cramped and shabby with precarious stairs, it’s a dreary space. The Alliance has outgrown its current headquarters, which were far from ideal to start with. To embed the Alliance in the Park’s historic core is to imbue the organization with greater ability to meet its mission to inspire appreciation and support for the Park.


Central, of service, and increasingly sustainable. With our headquarters at the Maurice Stephens House, the Alliance will have a presence in the heart of the Park. We’ll be able to talk to visitors every day. We will invite them to participate in our expanded programs and events which, with the café, will generate earned income.


Turn a building into a welcoming home. The Park is providing a remarkable opportunity to the Alliance, the Park’s philanthropic partner, to lease the Maurice Stephens House (1816) through the Park’s adaptive re-use program. To participate, the Alliance must raise construction funds for the house to transform it into the Alliance’s spacious new home. The building will also house a café and facilities where weary visitors can rest and learn more about the Park and our important work which supports it.


We’ve gathered a committee of experts in construction, fundraising, leasing, and small business that could partner with the Alliance in this endeavor. They are working hand in hand with the Alliance and Park leaders to finalize the construction plans, agree on lease terms that satisfy both the Park and the Alliance, plan the public use of the space, and raise the funds required to make it all happen. With your help, we will preserve an historic structure, making it a living, breathing place where visitors can gather and celebrate the beauty and greatness of Valley Forge National Historical Park.


Beautiful and evocative, Valley Forge invites me to reconnect with our nation’s
past and with myself


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