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As part of the Alliance’s mission to provide interesting and compelling programming for the public, the annual Speaker Series is held in cooperation with the Washington Memorial Chapel. This series, which runs from September through May, gathers an array of historians, scientists, authors, archeologists, actors and performers to share with the public their multiple points of view on history, the natural world and the ongoing commemoration of Valley Forge.

September to April presentations are free and held at Washington Memorial Chapel, on Route 23 in Valley Forge, on Tuesdays at 7 pm. The May presentation will be held in the theater at Valley Forge. A complimentary reception follows each talk.

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March 7, 2017
The Revolution’s Last Men:
The Soldiers Behind the Photographs

During a Civil War that threatened to tear the United States apart came the realization that only a handful of veterans of the American Revolution still survived. Six of these men were photographed and interviewed for a book that appeared late in 1864, and their images have captivated generations since. Through a combination of faded memories and the interviewer’s patriotic agenda, however, the biographies accompanying these amazing photographs were garbled and distorted, containing information that ranged from inaccurate to implausible. Now, for the first time, using a wide range of primary sources, Don Hagist has researched the military careers of these men in detail. The result is a new perspective on the actual service of these six soldiers, from enlistment to discharge, along with new details of their relatively quiet post-war lives.

About the Speaker

Don N. Hagist

Don N. Hagist, editor of Journal of the American Revolution, is an independent researcher specializing in the demographics and material culture of the British Army in the American Revolution. He maintains a blog about British common soldiers and has published a number of articles in academic journals. His books include The Revolution’s Last Men: the Soldiers Behind the Photographs (Westholme Publishing, 2015), British Soldiers, American War (Westholme Publishing, 2012), A British Soldier’s Story: Roger Lamb’s Narrative of the American Revolution (Ballindalloch Press, 2004), General Orders: Rhode Island (Heritage Books, 2001) and Wenches, Wives and Servant Girls (Ballindalloch Press, 2008). Don works as an engineering consultant in Rhode Island and also writes for several well-known syndicated and freelance cartoonists.

Apr 4
Meet Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton, as interpreted by Eben Kuhns
The young Hamilton and his views on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Presented in cooperation with the American Historical Theater.
May 2
Special Location: Park Theater • Advance Tickets required due to capacity
George & Martha Washington: In Perfect Felicity
George & Martha Washington, interpreted by John Lopes & Carol Spacht
General and Mrs. George Washington share the story of their courtship and 40-year marriage.