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PRESS EXCERPT: The Alliance in the News

Wait til you see what Valley Forge Park’s got cooking

04/27/2017 • Caroline O’Halloran •

Ah, Valley Forge National Historical Park, the Central Park of the Main Line.

Walk, ride or hike its 3,500 acres and you can just smell the history.

But the Park’s not resting on its cherry laurels these days.

Far from it.

Thanks to its newly invigorated citizen militia, the nonprofit Valley Forge Park Alliance, it’s marching forward with dazzling plans that will affect ALL of us – anyone who “recreates” in the park (90 percent of visitors), brings guests there, or even drives through. Ten Hut!

Here’s what’s afoot:

1. A TV show. Star fixer-upper Jeff Devlin, host of “Stone House Revival” on HGTV/DIY Network wants to film six episodes in the park and forge an ongoing partnership.

His plan/hope, still in the very early stages: Renovate some of the park’s antiquated digs with cameras rolling and strict historical accuracy. To do it, though, he says he’ll need help from the surrounding community and businesses. The buildings are in sorry shape and the Park doesn’t have the funds to maintain them.

Jeff hangs his hat in West Chester but likes to stretch his cycling legs in Valley Forge. “You ride around here and don’t realize the reality of historic homes buried in the woods,” Jeff tells SAVVY. “We hope we can make a big difference – once we start the process, we’d replicate it again and again, even without the TV show.” He’s fine-tuning his pitch to network execs as we speak. So cool. But it’ll be a while.

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PRESS EXCERPT: The Alliance in the News

Valley Forge Park Alliance Seeks to Connect Local Community to the Park

04/19/2017 • Amanda Keith •

Valley Forge National Historical Park is historically significant as the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army under General George Washington. Each year, it welcomes over two million visitors who enjoy visiting the historical buildings and learning the significance of this place in the Revolutionary War.

According to the park’s Friends group, however, visitors come to the park not just for the history but for the landscape.

“People love to come here because it’s a big, beautiful green space in the middle of sprawling suburbia,” said Molly Duffy, Executive Director for the Valley Forge Park Alliance. In addition to numerous historic sites, the 3,500 acre park has forests, wetlands, tall-grass meadows, open fields and 26 miles of hike and bike trails.

The park also sits close to major highways, such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and near crossroads that serve a large commuter population. In addition, the surrounding area includes a plethora of apartments, shopping centers and corporate headquarters.

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