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Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run®

Sunday, April 23 7:30 – 11 am 8:30 race start Rain or shine
Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run
USATF Mid-Atlantic logo Part of the USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix

The Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run ® is a unique challenge for runners of all skill levels. Runners trek the five-mile USATF certified course that traverses the scenic Valley Forge National Historical Park. The event also includes a 3 mile walk and the 1.776km Young Patriots Run for kids ages 6–14.

All proceeds from the event benefit the Valley Forge National Historical Park.

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Volunteers Needed: The Rev Run is the largest one-day fundraiser in the Park. Success not only requires race participants and gracious sponsors but also volunteers to ensure a perfect event. To volunteer, please email

Fort John Moore Redoubt Opens

The March-In of the Continental Army annual event on Monday, December 19, 2016 commemorated the 239th anniversary of the December 19, 1777 “march in” of General George Washington’s Continental Army to Valley Forge. The anniversary event also celebrated the opening of the newly rehabilitated Fort John Moore/Redoubt #2. Situated in its original location, the earthen fortress will allow visitors to experience this important military installation used by Washington’s army during the encampment. read more...

Fort Moore rebuilt

Join the Continental Army

First Saturdays, January – April 11 am 10:45 registration in Visitor Center
Upcoming Session: Saturday, February 4 Free Event

Age Requirements:
Join the Continental Army – 7 years or older
Army Essentials – open to all ages

Activities will take place outdoors. Please dress accordingly and wear sturdy shoes. Event is weather and staffing dependent. No reservations are necessary.

Join the Continental Army

Children are invited to “Join the Continental Army” and experience a day in the life of a continental soldier. Using wooden (dummy) muskets, the new recruits learn how to stand, march, and carry their musket as one of Washington’s soldiers. Attendees are encouraged to participate in a 4-part series offered on Saturdays from January – April to advance in skills and be promoted within the ranks of the Continental Army. Topics covered will differ and build upon the previous sessions.

Children who cannot participate in the Join the Continental Army program are welcome to participate in Army Essentials which will be held on each of the four Saturdays and will teach the basic drills and commands of the Continental Army.

For additional information: contact Park Ranger William Troppman at 610-783-1075 or or visit

Washington’s Birthday Celebration

Monday, February 20 Visitor Center Free Event
Washington's Birthday celebration

Join us in celebrating his Excellency’s 285th birthday this Presidents’ Day. Cupcakes and samples of Martha Washington’s “Great Cake” recipe will be baked and served by the students of The Culinary Institute of Montgomery County Community College.

Crafts & Games in the Meeting Room and Theater • 10 am – noon

Make a tricorn hat, create a birthday card for General Washington and meet the General. 18th century games and colonial style weaving held in the park theater.

Birthday Activities in the Visitor Center • 10 am – 2 pm

Try on 18th century clothing and meet the General and Mrs. Washington.

Sing Happy Birthday to the General in the Visitor Center • noon

Help Martha sing Happy Birthday to George Washington as he cuts his cake. Cupcakes and samples of Martha Washington’s birthday cake recipe will be served.

Don’t forget to visit Washington’s Headquarters • open 9 am – 5 pm